Salauddin Ahmed

Monitoring and Documentation Officer at the Rohingya Child Protection Programme, hold a Master’s in Communication and Journalism. My research explores new media and musical communication, showcased in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Committed to both academia and practical application, I bring a nuanced skill set.

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About Me

Unveiling My Professional and Academic Odyssey

Bridging Research and Creativity

This is Salauddin Ahmed, a Monitoring and Documentation Officer at the Rohingya Child Protection Programme. 

With a Master’s in Communication and Journalism, my research focuses on “Musical Communication and Internet.” 

Explore impactful publications on mobile banking and Facebook user experiences. Beyond academia, my roles refine skills in content creation. As a singer-songwriter, digital creator, and author, I blend research with creativity.


Communication Master with Journalistic Expertise

Master of Social Science

Communication and Journalism, University of Chittagong, 2018

Thesis Title: Musical Communication and Internet: A Study on Tribal Music of Bangladesh

Bachelor of Social Science

Communication and Journalism, University of Chittagong, 2017

Professional Experience

My hard work and experience have combined to create a truly aesthetic and memorable journey.

Monitoring and Documentation Officer, Rohingya Child Protection Programme, Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Welfare, Cox’s Bazar.

Oversee monitoring systems, ensuring alignment with Rohingya Child Protection Programme goals. Document program activities and outcomes systematically, producing accurate reports. Collaborate with teams and partners, ensuring compliance with guidelines, policies, and regulations for effective child protection initiatives.

Content Marketer, Virtunus Inc., Dhaka.

– Wrote well-researched content on self-development and productivity at Virtunus, Inc. Many of them ranked on google.
– Edited the content to publish.
– Made the write-ups SEO-friendly.
– Worked as a team member.
– Created copywriting, company profile, terms, and conditions, about pages, and policy for the company.
– Worked with research and development team.

Web Content Specialist, iFrostByte, Chattogram.

Wrote different types of content for different niches for this company mostly as a ghostwriter. Moreover, I researched for the products, keywords, analyzed the competitors, and composed SEO friendly articles. Made more than twenty articles for iFrostByte.

Research Assistant, Exploring the Impact of Mobile Banking on Rural Bangladesh. University of Chittagong Research Project, Chattogram.

– “Mobile Banking Consciousness in Rural Area in Bangladesh” project including more than two hundred participants all over the country                – Successfully managed the project, budget and team

Sub-Editor, porisor.com, University of Chittagong.

Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Chittagong based news portal.   

Tactfully ensured the correct grammar, spelling and tone of all published news.

Expertise and Portfolio

Research, Editing, Documentation Implementation Expert

Scientific Research

My research explores musical communication, new media, the economic impacts of mobile banking in rural Bangladesh and the experiences of Bangladeshi female Facebook users. Rooted in rigorous methodologies, my work contributes substantively to academic discourse. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Video Editing

Proficient in video editing using Filmora 10, I apply this skill across diverse roles, from Content Marketer to academic pursuits. This expertise enhances my professional versatility and adds a dynamic layer to creative endeavors like singing-songwriting and digital content creation. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Audio Editing

Proficient in audio editing using Cubase 5 and FL Studio 10, I apply these skills across academic research and creative endeavors like singing-songwriting. This expertise enhances precision and creativity in various projects. To see some samples click the arrow below.


In MEAL, I specialize in thorough documentation, ensuring development projects meet their intended outcomes. As a seasoned professional, I recognize the vital role of effective MEAL implementation for project success and sustainability. My proficiency in implementing MEAL frameworks maximizes project impact and fosters positive change. To see some samples click the arrow below.


A seasoned writer with a published novel, my expertise in novel writing is enriched by a creative storytelling approach. I have authored the novel ‘Jodio Kuasha’ and engaged in diverse writing roles, from scriptwriting to journalistic contributions. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Content Marketing

As an experienced copywriter, I excel in creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Content marketing, a strategic approach, builds relationships by offering resources aligned with audience interests. Leveraging my skills, I craft effective strategies to drive engagement and achieve business goals. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Here, I share the insights from my life.

In the digital era, social media platforms like Facebook have become integral to our daily lives, offering unprecedented opportunities for connectivity, expression, …

In the era of digital transformation, one of the most significant changes in developing economies is the emergence of mobile banking. In …

In a world that often rewards the outspoken and extroverted, those of us who prefer a quieter existence can often feel overlooked …


Some good words from people I worked with.

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I highly recommend Mr. Salauddin Ahmed as a creative and dedicated individual. I have known him since 2014, where he impressed me with his spontaneous acting and musical direction in a drama. He assisted me in my M.Phil thesis and co-authored research papers on new media in Bangladesh.

Shudipta Sharma
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Salauddin Ahmed is a skilled and creative content strategist who excels in project management. He is a take-charge person who presents creative solutions to complex problems and communicates the benefits to the company. He shines in a hectic environment and is a joy to work with. Highly recommended.

Abdullah Al Mahmood
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Salauddin Ahmed’s exceptional skills in content creation and strategy development make him an invaluable asset to his organization. He presents creative solutions to complex problems and is a joy to work with in a hectic environment. Highly recommended.

Akshirul Hoque

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