Expertise and Portfolio

Research, Editing, Documentation Implementation Expert

Scientific Research

My research explores musical communication, new media, the economic impacts of mobile banking in rural Bangladesh and the experiences of Bangladeshi female Facebook users. Rooted in rigorous methodologies, my work contributes substantively to academic discourse. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Video Editing

Proficient in video editing using Filmora 10, I apply this skill across diverse roles, from Content Marketer to academic pursuits. This expertise enhances my professional versatility and adds a dynamic layer to creative endeavors like singing-songwriting and digital content creation. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Audio Editing

Proficient in audio editing using Cubase 5 and FL Studio 10, I apply these skills across academic research and creative endeavors like singing-songwriting. This expertise enhances precision and creativity in various projects. To see some samples click the arrow below.


In MEAL, I specialize in thorough documentation, ensuring development projects meet their intended outcomes. As a seasoned professional, I recognize the vital role of effective MEAL implementation for project success and sustainability. My proficiency in implementing MEAL frameworks maximizes project impact and fosters positive change. To see some samples click the arrow below.


A seasoned writer with a published novel, my expertise in novel writing is enriched by a creative storytelling approach. I have authored the novel ‘Jodio Kuasha’ and engaged in diverse writing roles, from scriptwriting to journalistic contributions. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Content Marketing

As an experienced copywriter, I excel in creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Content marketing, a strategic approach, builds relationships by offering resources aligned with audience interests. Leveraging my skills, I craft effective strategies to drive engagement and achieve business goals. To see some samples click the arrow below.

Certificates and Proofs

My Academic and Professional Certificates and Proofs​

Conference Paper
FSU certificate
Research paper